The Metamorphosis Foundation together with the ISC Project this month organizes two webinars that cover topics that we believe are extremely important to NGOs, especially for those who run media projects, and the media themselves, and are in the field of Digital Security.

Details of the webinars can be found below. If you are interested, apply at the following link *:

* Data is collected for webinars only and will not be used for marketing or other purposes. The data will be deleted after the end of the webinars.


Disinformation as a threat to digital security / 21 September (Monday) / 13: 00h / 1 hour

The webinar will discuss the types of disinformation, how they are created and disseminated, their purpose and the damage they cause. We will look at some real examples of disinformation in our country, the reasons for their creation and how organizations have dealt with them. Ways to reduce the damage caused by them will also be discussed.

The trainers are Goran Rizaov and Goce Arsovski from the Foundation Metamorphosis.

Goran Rizaov is the manager of the media program at Metamorphosis, part of which is the only licensed media from Macedonia in the International Fact-Checking Network – He is a professional journalist with many years of experience in print and electronic media. Goran works mainly on projects related to good governance, open data, data analysis and visualization. He was a Fellow in Professional Development in 2011/2012, when he studied data-based journalism and online media at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Phoenix, USA.

Goce Arsovski is a psychologist and researcher at the Metamorphosis Foundation. His professional interest is mainly focused on the areas of methodology, statistics, research instruments as well as opportunities to use new technologies in research. He has participated in dozens of international conferences, seminars and workshops on disinformation, media literacy and cybersecurity. As a trainer, he has conducted trainings on data analysis and visualization, open data, cybersecurity with special emphasis on primary and secondary school students.


Secure mobile communications / 22 September (Tuesday) / 13: 00h / 1 hour

Communication via mobile devices takes up a huge part of all communication at the present time. That is why it is very important that the data we transmit through these devices such as voice, video and information is secure. The webinar will discuss ways and tools on how to securely store and communicate data via mobile devices.

The trainer is Robert Todoroski.

He works as a digital security consultant for the Intranews Network. He has many years of experience as an advisor for ICT and cybersecurity in many organizations in our country.