Through its training sessions, Metamorphosis Foundation builds the capacities of nongovernmental organizations for using new technologies in order to be more efficient in the accomplishment of their missions and in their efforts for strengthening of democracy, rule of law, human rights, fight against corruption and environment protection.

The assertions published on 21 March 2017 by the media Dnevnik, TV Nova and Vecer, enunciated by Mihaljo Manevski, regarding any connection of the Metamorphosis Foundation with violence are sheer manipulation and truth spinning.

Metamorphosis does not organize training sessions on protests, yet it works in accordance with its mission, contributing to the development of democracy and betterment of the quality of life through innovative use and sharing of knowledge. The Foundation always works in concordance with the laws in the Republic of Macedonia.

Referring to Article 16 of the Constitution of the RM, which guarantees the right of reply and correction in the mass media, as well as the positive laws, including the Law on Civil Responsibility for Insult and Defamation, Metamorphosis demands from the aforementioned and other media to completely publish this denial, on the same place and with the same amount of time as the abovementioned lies and manipulations.