Fact-Checking week in 2023 marking the fight against disinformation on various fronts

Metamorphosis Foundation is joining forces on the occasion of marking 2nd April – Fact-Checking Day this year as well. Series of fact-checking events in the country and on international level will take place throughout this whole week. REVIEW This year’s Fact-Checking Day is defined by increased pressure from the influx of disinformation and the need […]



Let’s mark the International Anti-Corruption Day by working together to eradicate corruption

Metamorphosis Foundation believes that the fight against corruption in North Macedonia and in the entire region of the Western Balkans is extremely important and necessary for the rule of law, for democratic processes and for transparent and accountable government at all levels. The vision of Metamorphosis implies a society in which citizens consciously and actively […]



Questionnaire for citizens about their experience with hate speech online

Metamorphosis Foundation in cooperation with DCAF – Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance conducts research dedicated to hate speech online. The purpose of the research is to reveal the role of gender in cases of hate speech on the Internet and to identify a possible discrepancy in the treatment that men and women receive from […]



Why read cookie policies?

Each time you visit a website, the first thing you notice is the cookie acceptance window that the website uses. You often accept them without paying much attention to them, because you simply want to use the website and not waste time on additional reading. But, what exactly do you accept and how can it […]



The second cycle of support for opening the data of LSGUs is finished

We continue implementing the activities for greater transparency and openness of the local self-government units. New 24 local government units opened over 270 datasets as a result of the support provided by the Metamorphosis Foundation. As part of its efforts to improve transparency and openness at the local level, the Metamorphosis Foundation, as part of […]



North Macedonia: Abuse of personal data of mobile phone subscribers through marketing campaigns

The holidays always represent an opportunity for sales companies to conduct various marketing campaigns for their products. So, they will often call “by random choice” potential customers to offer vouchers and attractive discounts. But it isn’t clear how they manage to find the subscribers’ private mobile numbers. The people who conduct this type of marketing, […]



Open data and open municipalities – data visualization from the first cycle of support for the LSGU

Within the USAID Civic Engagement Project, the Metamorphosis Foundation created a visualization of the results from the first cycle of support for the LSGU in the period 17.01.2022-28.02.2022. The process of supporting the municipalities started with a two-day training on open data and transparency, followed by a period of 6 weeks of active support of […]



Final coordination meeting held within the first cycle of support to municipalities for greater transparency and openness of data

On February 25, 2022, the Metamorphosis Foundation, as part of the USAID Civic Engagement Project, organized a final coordination meeting to improve transparency and open data of the local self-government units. At the meeting were presented the implemented activities and finalized documents that were prepared as a result of the support received by 20 municipalities. […]



Measurement of the openness of the local self-government units for 2022 begins

Within the USAID Civic Engagement Project, starting today, 15 February 2022, a new measurement of the openness of the local self-government units in the Republic of North Macedonia begins. Metamorphosis Foundation, in partnership with Quantum Prima – Kavadarci, Center for Intercultural Dialogue – Kumanovo, Association Multiculture – Tetovo, Foundation for Local Community Development – Štip, […]



Visualization: Open Educational Resources Webinars during the school year 2020/2021

Dear all, During the previous school year 2020/2021 we held a series of online trainings – webinars on topics we believe were necessary for the teaching staff, parents/guardians of children who attended distance learning, professional school services and school management in our country.   You had the opportunity to participate in them via ZOOM, comments, […]



Declaration on Openness, Accountability and Transparency of Local Self-Government in North Macedonia

Our work on promoting the openness and transparency of the local self-government units continues. We call on the municipalities to support the Declaration on Openness, Accountability and Transparency of the Local Self-Government in North Macedonia, which will commit them to follow and respect the tenets and principles of openness and to undertake activities for continuous […]



International Human Rights Day and their importance in building the post-Covid-19 world

10 December 2020. Skopje – Today is 10 December, the International Human Rights Day. On this day in 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the first global document to articulate human rights and bring them to the forefront globally, as well as one of the greatest […]