The project goal is raising the public awareness about the strengths and weaknesses of the internet, and about dealing with the potential dangers. Educational publications have been prepared for achieving this, as well as a website and interactive lectures for the students, parents and teachers which are held in 28 schools throughout the country. The activities are conducted by trained members of the network of 11 NGOs dealing with children’s rights and human rights in general. The education will be conducted in 16 primary and 12 secondary schools by June 10 (18 Macedonian and 10 Albanian schools).

All the educational materials have been printed in Macedonian and Albanian language and they are available for download in electronic form on the CRISP website through these URLs:, and

The Metamorphosis Foundation is the project implementer of “Children’s Rights on the Internet – Safe and Protected” (CRISP). The project is supported by the European Union, and implemented in cooperation with the First Children’s Embassy in the World – “Megjashi” and the Directorate for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Macedonia.