We were warmly welcomed by the hosts who helped us in setting up the works of the young Macedonian artists working in the areas of painting, photography and graphic design. We exhibited the works of Vane Kosturanov, Meri Donevska-Kosturanova, Milena Stanishlevik, Stole Angelov from Strumica, as well as the works of Meto Angelov from Negotino. The presentation of the Creative Commons licenses and the method of using them aroused great interest among the audience, since they were gathering information material about the licenses at the end of the event.

Following the presentation, the audience had the opportunity to see two videos that should become part of the Creative Commons family very soon.
We started with the video for the song “Hot day in Mexico” of the Bitola band Foltin, prepared by the video artist Filip Jovanovski, followed by the video of Jane Altiparmakov made for the song “Disguises” of the Piccolomini band. The two short films that were projected afterwards also aroused great interest.
The audience watched Vardan Tozija’s extraordinary film “Exception” and, lastly, the event was completed with the film “Zlatko laid down and does not want to get up” by Sasha Stanishic.