The event taking place at the Seavus Education & Development Center was opened by the project’s coordinator for Macedonia who encouraged participants to believe in themselves.

“Dear participants, you are here to prove to yourselves and to the world that your work is worth it, that your skills and talents are equal to those that took mankind to the moon, the space rovers on Mars, and Voyager 1 to the limits of the solar system. Believe in what you do, and trust your creativity, skills, abilities, talent and knowledge,” said Vojdan Jordanov, the project coordinator.

In her address to the attendees, the director of the Seavus Education Center emphasized that the keywords describing the event are: new ideas, innovation and collaboration.

“I believe that most of you perceive innovation as something achieved only by special people working in special conditions and according to predefined procedures. But I assure you that innovation is not reserved only for special people at special positions. Unique and important ideas require a slightly chaotic environment in which people with different backgrounds, age, experiences and even people from different continents, would interact, have an opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences, mistakes, incomplete ideas … which, if connected, could result in something much bigger. This is exactly the opportunity you have during the next 48 hours,” said Irena Causevska, director of the Seavus Education and Development Center.

The Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski attended the opening of the event and emphasized that Macedonian companies can be easily compared with the global companies.

“During the past several years, the government and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration have been working on this, to prove that Macedonia is a country of computer scientists and that even though we are a small country we are mentally strong, and can be compared with any other country. This is why NASA selected a Macedonian city among the 80 cities competing to develop the best applications,” said minister Ivanovski.

NASA Space App Challenge is the largest hackathon event in the world, according to the number of registered participants, aiming to address challenges in developing useful open source solutions for the global needs of life on Earth and in space. More than 100 participants will take part in the Macedonian challenges this weekend.

The two-day event is simultaneously held at 83 locations throughout the world, incorporating challenges in the fields of hardware, software and data visualization.

The best solutions will be rewarded, and the projects will be evaluated by renowned experts from the industry and academia so that they could later network with the winning solutions on an international level.

Metamorphosis is a local partner at the event, which is organized by the Seavus IT company.