On August 14-18, 2006 Amit Skenderi, in charge of the FOSS localisation in Romani language initiative, conducted training on GNU/Linux and Kbabel in computer laboratory of Sonce – Association for Roma democratic development from Tetovo. 8 Roma NGO activists, members of the team that should implement the initiative, attended the training.

Participants acquired skills related to Linux distributions Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Vector, Red Hat and Knopix, Linux Desktop environments KDE, GNOM and DEBIAN, installation of Linux Ubuntu 5.1, development tools Kbabel, Kbabel Catalog manager and Kbabel Dictionary, Terminal (msgfmt) options, and PO, POT and MO files and their structure were also explained. The training introduced the translation techniques used at the Romani Localisation seminar in Novi Sad (4-8.12.2005).

Last day of the training the participants installed Ubuntu and Kubunty distributions and added Kbabel as development translation tool.

More information about the FOSS localisation in Romani language initiative can be found on the blog Romani FOSS localisation .