mediumi-1-srednaThe meeting was attended by 6 representatives from the media and the organizations that were invited: Svetlana Veljanoska from Kichevo (Radio Kichevo, Kanal 77), Karolina Micevska from Prilep (Kanal Vizija, Zenit), Aneta Pechipajkovska (Youth Forum, BLOK), Borche Malevski (OSCE), Tatjana Janevska and Hristina Argirovska from Megjashi.

The meeting started with a presentation of the benefits from using the internet, and gradually turned to the possible dangers and risks that could occur if using it improperly. There was a discussion about the role of the adults in the proper upbringing of children and their guidance towards acquiring positive internet experiences, but the role of the child in protecting itself while using the internet was also taken into consideration. At the end, there was a discussion about the role of the media in the process of multiplying the effects of all that Metamorphosis did within the frames of the project “Children’s Rights on the Internet – Safe and Protected”.

This was an informal event. The participants were discussing during the presentation, as well as upon its completion. Positions, opinions and facts were being exchanged and a good basis was provided for presenting new information from this area in the future, in the media whose representatives attended the meeting.