treto-dobaIn cooperation with the Metamorphosis Foundation, a presentation was held about the opportunities provided by computers and particularly the internet, resulting with various benefits in everyday life. During the presentation, the attendants were familiarized with the features of the simple tools that they can use on the computers, the tools that would enable them to establish cheap, fast and practical communication with their close relatives abroad, enabling them to browse and search for contents, and several useful web-resources appropriate to their needs and age were also presented to them. The presentation was conducted by Irina Shumadieva.

The audience was wonderful. The attendants were carefully listening to the presentation. Some of them were writing down notes, and others expressed their satisfaction after the presentation was finished. It is an interesting fact that a great number of the attendants had previously undergone free training organized by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, so this was a follow-up lecture.

This lecture was part of the regular educational lectures for “Third age” students held every Thursday. Usually, 70-100 people attend these meetings.

The “Third age” university is an organization for life-long learning and active-healthy life in the third age. About 470 retired persons – students over the age of 50 participate in it, and their goal is continuous education and socialization for a more interesting life. Despite the lectures, the members are attending various trainings, seminars, participate in cultural and artistic activities, attend field tuition etc.