At the presentation in Holliday Inn hotel there were over 120 attendees, and the presentations were delivered by Mr. Nikolche Mickoski, Metamorphosis Foundation, translator of the licenses and coordinator of the process, Ms. Neda Zdraveva, Faculty of Law, legal expert who adapted the licenses to Macedonian legal system, as well as Ms. Dessi Pefeva, ISOC Bulgaria, that presented the experience of using the Creative Commons licenses in her country.

Mr. Ito gave inspirational presentation about the main aspects of free culture that enables sharing of knowledge and creative works via the internet. He stressed that Creative Commons system is part of the copyright system that makes authors communication with the public and other authors that want to re-use their works much easier.

Denying the classification of the free culture movement as act of idealistic liberal students and law professors, he gave set of examples for adopting of Creative Commons by commercial systems that wants to provide better service to their customers. He said that most important examples are Flicker, photo database owned by Jahoo, and Microsoft Office, that enable easy integration and usage of the Creative Commons licenses by their clients. Similar extension for OpenOffice is in the process of preparation, and the diversity of the stakeholders illustrates the preparedness of Creative Commons to foster promotion of new approaches – for everyone’s benefit. According to him, the companies like Apple with iTunes and iPod that understood that users that share content, such is music, over the internet, are not a threat but a new market, very quickly becomes new leaders on the market.
Mr. Mickoski and Ms. Zdraveva presented some of the peculiarities in licenses localization process, such is the differences in legal terminology, like American term license is Agreement for Non-exclusive Transfer of Copyrights in Macedonian.

Ms. Pefeva said that the main reason for Creative Commons success in Bulgaria, which is the second-ranked country by CC licensed works, is the wide support by the authors achieved by creating platforms for communication. Very positive thing was that the Government licensed the laws and published them in digital copy thus giving them to the wider public.

Apart from localization of the part for issuing licenses at the central Creative Commons website, Metamorphosis Foundation published Macedonian portal intended for e-content development and promotion – All e-content authors can use the portal to learn more about the licenses, as well as to psot links to their CC licensed works. Portal also provides free hosting to authors that cannot publish their works on their websites.

Photos, audio and video files all licensed under the Creative Commons licenses will be available at the portal very soon.