Upon the invite of Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organisations (EU TACSO 3) in the Western Balkans and Türkiye, Metamorphosis was a guest speaker in the Consultative Meeting on Digital Agenda titled “Contemporary Dynamics in Information Sharing?” that was organised on August 8th, 2023. This is the second meeting from a group of consultative meetings organised on the Digital Agenda, the previous being on What is the change? The objective of these online meetings is to explore the impact of digital transition on Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and discuss strategies for adapting to the changing world. The meetings aim at identifying priorities related to the Digital Agenda and digital transition for CSOs in the region.

During this second meeting, three informative sessions that explore critical aspects of digital engagement within CSOs were conducted. The attendees explored how CSOs leverage tools such as websites, social media and online collaboration platforms to enhance stakeholder communication. They evaluated the effectiveness of these platforms and discussed best practices and innovative strategies to maximize their utility.

Source: Screenshot from the session presentation

Goshe Nikolov (Journalist at Meta.mk News Agency) and Mila Josifovska Danilovska (Manager of the Programmes for Social Accountability and Human Rights Online) were the representatives of Metamorphosis Foundation who shared the organisations’ experience, best practices and challenges with over 50 CSO representatives from the Western Balkan and Turkey present at the meeting.

Source: Screenshot from the session presentation

As a guest speaker, Nikolov shared the organization’s experiences and good practices when it comes to using social networks, highlighting how these platforms have become the foundation of modern communication, reshaping the landscape for CSOs.

“Digital platforms have opened up unprecedented opportunities for CSOs to amplify their voices and extend their reach far beyond traditional boundaries. In this digital landscape, the possibilities for CSOs to share their mission, projects, and impact are truly boundless. However, having a presence on digital platforms alone is not enough. To make the most of these tools, CSOs must embrace the concept of a well-thought-out digital communication strategy. This strategy is more than just posting content sporadically – it is about aligning our digital efforts with the goals of our organization and the needs of our target audience”, said Nikolov.

He further spoke about the innovative tools that Metamorphosis uses to communicate its news and activities to young people – one of them being the „Shortcut“ video show that is broadcast on Metamorphosis media’s social networks.

At the meeting, Nikolov also spoke about the dangers lurking for organizations on social networks. He shared Metamorphosis’ experience in managing risks and maintaining the organization’s reputation on social media. He informed about the situation when the employees of the organization were victims of misinformation on Macedonian online media. Such misinformation later turned into hate speech and calls for violence – both online on social media and in-live, and Nikolov explained the organization’s strategy that was employed to dealt with the unforeseen situation.