Metamorphosis Foundation, in cooperation with Microsoft’s local office in Kosovo organized the Tech4Good conference, which took place on 22 March 2017 in Prishtina, and there was wide range of civil society organizations that participated in this event.

The conference especially focused on helping the civil sector in the process of digital transformation, so that the nonprofit organizations could reach their maximum potential via the donations offered by Microsoft through the TechSoup Balkans platform.


“At Information Society Agency, we believe that by using technology, nonprofit organisations can achieve more in a world where inclusion and access to internet are very important. The aim of the conference is to present the nonprofits in Kosovo the opportunities that Microsoft offers through the software packages so that they can successfully fulfill their mission and achieve their goals”, said Kujtim Gashi, General director of Information Society Agency in Kosovo.


These donations are available via the TechSoup Balkans program, implemented by Metamorphosis Foundation, which offers wide range of software products for non-profit organizations that can be received for free or by paying a nominal administrative fee.

“Microsoft is making this change and is helping improving the life or better said living in the digital world. In that way, Microsoft supports their work in the community through modern technologies and helps them become more efficient, effective and innovative in their important activities” – said Agon Baruti, Business development manager in Microsoft in Kosovo.


““TechSoup is a network of nongovernmental organizations, where various donors, such as Microsoft, help these entities with software donations. We at Metamorphosis Foundation, help civil society organizations reach their maximum potential and fulfill their mission more efficiently and with less costs by organizing free consultations and offering software donations via the TechSoup Balkans program”, said Adrijana Selmani, Project coordinator for software donations via TechSoup Balkans.

These donations are available to nonprofits with the status of a Citizens’ Association. Civil sector representatives can also receive Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure donations, that offer many opportunities to organizations so that they can fulfill their mission faster with the help of these technologies that they can get for free, by paying a fee or by receiving a 5000 USD donation for Microsoft Azure.


With this platform, organizations will increase their productivity, they will reduce expenses and will facilitate the management of IT resources.

“Knowledge of organizations about the products offered by Microsoft can facilitate a lot their work processes. With this donations, Microsoft in cooperation with Metamorphosis, helps civil society organizations in their digital transformation” – said Vlora Ademi, Senior Education Business Development Manager, from Microsoft Macedonia.


During the conference, the participants had the opportunity to hear about the best practices of two civil sector organizations – “Open Data Kosovo” and “Community Development Fund” – which have used the software donations and the cloud services offered via the TechSoup Balkans donations program to facilitate their work. Additionally, nonprofits from Kosovo shared the challenges they face in their work, and stressed the fact that technology products received through donations has helped them a lot to overcome the financial difficulties and to reduce expenses.

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