Today, many civil society organizations participated in the open day organized by Metamorphosis Foundation, where they received additional information or support regarding the application for donation from Techsoup Balkans platform. This program offers donations of software products to non-profit organizations from many donors, and some of them are among the most famous software companies in the world, such as Microsoft, BitDefender, Symantec and Tableau. This donation is available for non-profit organizations with the status of a Citizens’ Association or Foundation in the Registry of Associations and Unions.



Beside the possibility for receiving donations, representatives of the organizations had the opportunity to meet with the representatives of other organizations and to exchange their professional experiences. Open days that are organized by Metamorphosis Foundation for the second year in a row, offer many possibilities for CSO’s, including training for different software, as well as exchange of experiences.


Metamorphosis will continue to organize open days in the coming weeks, while all the organizations that need consulting, training or additional information can feel free to contact us, at this e-mail: