The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, the Ministry of Education and Science, OSCE Mission in Skopje and Metamorphosis Foundation have organized a one-day training for Cybersecurity for pupils, teaching personnel, and parents.

The goal of the training was to raise the awareness of risks in cyberspace, including the responsibilities of parents, educational institutions and the organs of the state management when dealing with cyber incidents among pupils from elementary education.


“The Ministry of Information Society and Administration has put cybersecurity in the focus of its work by preparing a Strategy and Action plan for Cybersecurity. What is most important for us to be able to face the issue with cybercrime and the risks posed on the Internet is that we first need to understand that it is becoming a global problem that knows no limits. On the other hand, on a local level, we have to be aware that we can only face this problem if we all unite together. By that, I mean all government and education institutions, the business community, the NGO sector, the parents, the teachers and the children who will have to learn very early how to use the Internet” said Manchevski.

He also said that our country is keeping up with the European trends as almost 75% of the population on the age between 15-19 years, has a profile on social networks.

The Minister of Education Arber Ademi said that for the past several years there is consistency in the policies of protection and safety for pupils and youngsters when using the Internet.

“Changes in the educational system are introduced and are continuously upgraded. We are introducing new content and we are implementing new activities in accordance with the National Strategy and Action Plan for Cybersecurity for the period between 2018-2022″ stressed Ademi.

The Metamorphosis Foundation’s executive director Bardhyl Jashari said that the joint inclusive approach towards the subject of cybersecurity is the most appropriate in the process of dealing with all potential risks when using the Internet.

“Children and youngsters today live in a world of their own that is transformed by digital technologies. Therefore, they need an education that will enable an abundance of knowledge and skills which in turn will allow them to competently and safely deal with the complexities of the modern digital world around them. Since its foundation, Metamorphosis recognized this need and since then it has contributed with trainings, campaigns for raising the awareness of the general public, multimedia educational content and other educational resources for children, young people, parents and teachers that are focused on digital security. Because of the complexity and the dynamics of the development of digital technologies, it is necessary for the authorized state institutions, non-government organizations and the business community to join efforts, resources, and expertise, in the building of capacities for all citizens especially for children in order to engage positively, critically and with competence in the digital surrounding. Also, in order to be able to communicate effectively and to practice forms of social inclusion that respect human rights and dignity through the responsible use of technology. Therefore, today’s training is very important since it represents a joint effort between the government sector (MISA and MES), the non-government sector (Metamorphosis) and the international community (OSCE). I hope we shall continue with this cooperation and that with similar trainings we will encompass a larger number of schools – said Jashari.

During the one-day training representatives of the ministries of information society and administration and education and science, representatives of other relevant institutions and organizations, educational and administrative personnel at the elementary school Hasan Prishtina, pupils, and parents.

In 2018, the government will pass the National Strategy and Action Plan for cybersecurity 201-2022, according to which a realization of activities are planned that refers to increasing the awareness and basic knowledge in the area of cybersecurity on all levels of education.