The Metamorphosis Foundation was part of the final conference for the EU twinning project “Support in the implementation of the modernized legal framework for the protection of personal data” which was held on 07.10.2022 at the Marriott Hotel in Skopje. At this conference, the achieved results of the project were presented and different perspectives on the current state and future development of the legal, institutional and social context of personal data protection were shared.

Vesna Radinovska from the Metamorphosis Foundation, together with representatives of the project partners, experts in the field of personal data protection, state institutions and the business community, participated in the panel discussion “Personal Data Safety”.

She emphasized that building a culture of privacy protection and personal data protection requires a lot of time, effort and resources and that it is wrong to expect institutions to deal with that challenge alone. Radinovska shared that civil society organizations have a key role in these processes and that the Metamorphosis Foundation, with the support of the European Union, is implementing the project “Privacy by design – building an inclusive digital ecosystem”. Through this project, Metamorfosis will conduct trainings for personal data protection officers and IT staff in public institutions, representatives of civil society organizations and businesses. The purpose of these trainings is to promote and facilitate the application of the Law on Personal Data Protection by all stakeholders, and anyone who wants to attend is welcome. Within the framework of the project, a special campaign is being implemented to raise the awareness of citizens about the rights they have as subjects of personal data.