On July 26, 2023, the first meeting of the Project Expert Working Group was held, as one of the initial activities of the Misinformation Management System and Journalists Briefings project. Metamorphosis Foundation will implement this project in cooperation with UNICEF and with financial support from USAID in the next six months.


Misinformation Management System and Journalists Briefings project aims, as continuation of UNICEF’s efforts in establishing strategy for management of misinformation, disinformation and information gaps, to integrate the Misinformation Management System in the work of existing state institutions, the Ministry of Health and its subsidiary institutions, and to help them use it to more efficiently address the needs of the citizens they serve, which will be conducted through capacity building – technical support and advocacy, engaging decision makers through series of consultative meetings, based on expert analyses and recommendations.

Metamorphosis Foundation will use its expertise to develop the Misinformation Management System, as well as contribute to debunking of disinformation, in order to help citizens to deal with misconceptions and lack of credible information and thereby increase their trust in the health system and institutions.

Within the framework of this project, the functioning of the Project Expert Working Group – composed of members with medical and/or communication expertise – will be of special significance and great contribution. This expert body, among other things, will supervise the establishment and functioning of the Misinformation Management System; will be responsible for analyzing the reports developed through the System; will develop recommendations for further actions that need to be taken in order to deal with misinformation and disinformation related to vaccination in the country; and will also hold journalists briefings to fill in the information gaps that create increased distrust in vaccination in the country. The Project Expert Working Group will also be part of the advocacy efforts for establishment of a Government Expert Body.