Dear President of the Parliament,

Dear proposers of the Proposal of a Law Amending the Criminal Code, in summary proceeding,

Dear Members of Parliament,


We, the undersigned civil society organizations, demand to immediately withdraw the Proposal of a Law Amending the Criminal Code from the agenda, in summary proceeding, lodged by the MPs Artan Grubi, Snezhana Kaleska Vancheva, Sonja Mirakovska, Lidija Tasevska, Vesel Memedi and Rexhep Memedi.

ne vo nase ime 2

We insist on withdrawing the proposal since the amendments to the articles of the Criminal Code will provide space for lighter punishments in cases led by the Special Prosecutor’s Office or for expiration of the crimes, thus responsibility for the perpetrated crimes will not be assumed.

Amending the Criminal Code or any other law so justice could be evaded and the state captured by the political parties is unacceptable. By doing so, crime and corruption are also granted clemency, while impunity lives on.

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Foundation Open Society – Macedonia
Foundation for Internet and Society, Metamorphosis
NGO Infocentre
Center for European Strategies – Eurothink
Forum – CSID
Coalition “All for Fair Trials”
Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” Skopje
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia
Macedonian Young Lawyers Association
Agora – Center for Promotion of Civic Values
CIVIL – Center for Freedom
Coalition MARGINS
Contemporary Art Center
European Policy Institute – Skopje
Institute for Human Rights
Youth Educational Forum