The aim is to enable familiarization with the potentials offered by computer tools, so that they can be used as much as possible for promoting democracy, transparency and activism.

As of Monday, December 19, up to December 29, workshops will be held every day (16:00-17:00h) in the premises of the Metamorphosis Foundation on various topics, and a variety of tools will also be presented. Each thematic workshop will consist of a brief introductory theoretical part, as well as practical work. Depending on the interest of participants and on the topic itself, the workshops will be in the form of a consultation or discussion.

December 19, Monday

Using social networks to promote the activities of NGOs

A number of tools (Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, YouTube and Flickr) will be presented, used for increasing visibility of their activities on the internet and for promotion of contents. Aside from a brief presentation of the technical aspect, useful tactics will also be suggested for promotion in a given context..

December 20, Tuesday

How to better promote your website or blog by using Ping?

Presentation of the website, how it can be used in order to enable greater presence online for the contents from their website or blog, as well as a review of the additional opportunities for interaction and direct posting of text contents.

December 21, Wednesday

How to handle electronic waste?

Presentation on the ways of dealing with the old electronic and electrical equipment in your home or workspace.

December 22, Thursday

Benefits of volunteering as an author and/or translator for Global Voices Online

Presentation of the international project Global Voices Online, the ways in which interested candidates could be included and the skills that can be acquired or strengthened. – An opportunity to write or translate into Macedonian and Albanian.

December 23, Friday

Increased visibility for NGOs through blogging?

Using the website as a platform for publishing content on the Internet on a specific topic and learning the basic rules and techniques for web editing. The tool can be used as the primary medium for publishing content about a specific cause or a particular topic, and there is a possibility to open a new thematic website, if there is not an adequate one. The website is based on the WordPress platform, meaning that in the future, participants in the workshop could manage working on any other website using the same platform..

December 26, Monday

Civic activism by using available web tools

Presentation of several tools that can be used by the citizens themselves to encourage the resolution of a certain infrastructural problem (, communication with their elected representatives on a local level (, information about the performance of political parties (Vistinomer) and comparing the views of the citizens with the political programs of the parties during election time (Glasomer).

December 27, Tuesday

Basics of using the Joomla platform for NGO websites

Working with sites based on the Joomla platform and discussing about the ways in which such a website can be optimized to meet the needs of an organization, institution or civic activism.

December 28, Wednesday

How to use wiki sites for promotion of local problems and events?

Practical work on a wiki-platform with an opportunity to be included in the work on the website or use it to promote their own content of local importance. Participation in this workshop will enable knowledge acquisition for publishing content on Wikipedia as well.

December 29, Thursday

How to protect the children online?

Projection of educational films and other contents in the area of protection of the privacy and safety of children online and a presentation of the available tools and tips to help in the process. The event is intended for parents, teachers and NGOs dealing with human rights.

Everyone interested in attending one or more of these events may come in the premises of the Metamorphosis Foundation (str. Apostol Guslarot 40, Skopje, Macedonia) at the provided dates. If you have any questions, please contact us at or by phone: 02/3019-325.