Part of the Metamorphosis team attended the Erasmus + Mobility Program on “Building an Online Education Program” which takes place from May 30 to June 3 in Vienna. The training was organized by Techsoup Europe and hosted by Fundraising Verband Austria (FVA).

The aims of the three-day training were to improve the knowledge of participants/trainers as educators and adult trainers about online and innovative learning tools and approaches, a better understanding of new online education tools as well as the basic principles of designing online training including creating content for online learning. In addition, an opportunity was given to improve the learning methods and educational content offered to CSOs.

On the first day of the training, the participants shared their experiences and knowledge in the field of online education both as listeners and as coaches/trainers. Good practices and examples from online education were shared, as well as obstacles and problems encountered because of using different technologies used as channels to compare training. New trends in online education were also discussed and elements of virtual reality, M – learning and gamification will be used as tools to improve online education.

On the second and third days, the participants were introduced to methodologies and tools, how to better structure their training and webinars in order for the sessions to be more interesting for the listeners and how the participants can extract as much knowledge as possible from the trainings.

Below you can read impressions from the students of the Erasmus + Mobility Program in Vienna

“The Erasmus Plus program is a comprehensive program that offers a chance to millions of people from different backgrounds to gain skills and experience, broaden their horizons and, among other things, volunteer abroad. This program of the European Union encourages cooperation, intercultural exchange and capacity building, which are then reflected by the users in their daily and working life, expanding the impact on several levels.

This training offered us new insights into the many dimensions of online education that we will be able to transfer to our work environment in order to provide a better learning experience for our training participants,” said Mila Josifovska Danilovska – Program Manager at Metamorphosis Foundation.

“At the training, we had the opportunity to hear experiences from different countries and organizations, but also to see that the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to online education are the same or similar everywhere. The training helped me learn a lot about online education, starting with strategy building, current trends and different formats and approaches, and understanding how it can be created effectively and engaging to the audience. The e-learning environment is constantly changing and evolving, especially after the Covid pandemic, so what we have learned about innovative tools and approaches will be implemented in further work with young audiences,” said Goshe Nikolov, an associate journalist in the News Agency one of the participants in the Erasmus + Mobility Program.

“Quite a useful training, I had the opportunity to learn new methodologies and rules how to structure training that will be interesting for listeners/participants, but also training from which you can get the most of it. I find especially useful virtual tools that I had the opportunity to see how they work and how important their application is in online education, said Violeta Joncevska – Marketing Specialist at the Metamorphosis Foundation.

The training was attended by representatives of civil society organizations from Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria.