The Metamorfosis Foundation was part of the discussion “Protecting the privacy of young people on the Internet” organized by the SafeGen initiative, with the support of Mladite povo. This event took place on March 30, in the premises of Europe House in Skopje.

The speakers at the discussion were Bojan Kordalov, communicator and representative of the Institute for Good Governance and Euro-Atlantic Perspectives (IDUEP); Tiana Ivanovska, psychologist and founder of “Sebeslogalka” and Vesna Radinovska, project coordinator at the Metamorphosis Foundation. The speakers and participants of the event had the opportunity to elaborate on the topic “privacy of young people on the Internet” from different aspects: legal, institutional, psychological, sociological and communication. Within the framework of the event, an analysis of real cases related to misuse of personal data and violation of the right to privacy on the Internet was made.

Photo: Youth Can

This discussion helped young people learn how they can protect their personal data online, where they can report possible abuses, and what consequences their online actions can have in the real world.