The recommendations that are being collected from the previously registered RSS feeds, as well as the individual manually submitted links and text-based content can now appear in one of the eight categories: Politics, Economy, Health, Sports, Technologies, Entertainment, Culture and Other.

The basic purpose of the aggregator remains the same, i.e. promoting content offered by alternative media such as blogs, websites of organizations and portals, as well as content from other new and traditional media.

After signing up for the aggregator, users can contribute by voting and submitting new sources and content. Moreover, the best contents have a chance to become the editors’ choice and be placed on the homepage of the site and be promoted on the social networks.

The opportunity to vote and cast positive and negative votes is what makes Ping different from other websites with a portal layout, as well as the possibility to comment including those websites that do not have this functionality enabled, the variety of contents and their source that represents a balance between what we are served by the traditional media and the voice of the people. All this is now complemented by a fresh and precise design, with up to date link recommendations anytime.

The submission of new recommendations is done throughout the whole day, at several intervals, so if visitors come back several times they will always find new and interesting content.

The recommendations submitted at the website are promoted on’s Facebook page and Twitter profile. To further promote the website, the Metamorphosis Foundation placed seven billboards in 6 cities across the country. The billboards, two of which are placed in Skopje and one in Tetovo, Ohrid, Bitola, Prilep and Stip will be visible until the end of June.

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