The team that traveled to Bitola comprised of one representative of Metamorphosis, a representative of Tochka and a cameraman responsible for recording the event.
A group of young artists also traveled to Bitola and their works were presented to the audience.
At the beginning, the audience got the answer to the question what Creative Commons represents and who can acquire such a license. Afterwards, we continued with a short presentation of the procedure for applying a Macedonian Creative Commons license to works available in digital form.
At the end of the presentation, we paid particular attention to the Macedonian portal for author contents: and we invited all the authors to set links to their works there or to place their works on the site, since they could be better promoted and protected at the same time, as well as included in a global Macedonian library of works of all types.

Later on, Filip Jovanovski announced the latest music video for the cult Bitola band Foltin “Hot Day in Mexico”. The band was also included in the evening program with a live concert. Namely, Filip Jovanovski is an author, director and designer of the video which is made within the frames of the project Videodorm – Macedonian New Video aimed at promoting the new video scene in Macedonia. In addition to the video of Foltin, the video works of several young Macedonian video art and film artists were presented.
The audience had the opportunity to see the works “The portrait of the Young Artist in the 21st Century”, and the music videos of Borjan Zafirovski from the “Paper Dragon” series, Sasha Stanishic presented himself with the film “Zlatko laid down and does not want to get up”, Darjan Pejoski with “15 seconds”, Vardan Tozija with “Exception”, and Jane Altiparmakov with music videos for the bands Muger Fuger and Piccolomini.

During the event, the people were provided with promotional material and they were further informed on how and why they should license their works.

On Monday, we are completing the promotional tour with the journey to Tetovo.