proekcii_na_filmoviteSeveral short educational films and games on topics related to child safety and privacy online will be presented at this conference. These films and games were created by the Metamorphosis Foundation in collaboration with the Children’s Theatre Center. This project is a follow-up to the initiative of the Metamorphosis Foundation for raising the awareness among children, as well as providing information and knowledge about their rights regarding the use of the Internet.

Besides the development of educational films, 10 games and quizzes have been developed by using cartoon characters, as well as printed materials for education of the children, a poster and brochure.

After this press conference, all interested citizens can view the films on May 31 in the Children’s Theatre Centre, where the screening will be held (19:00). Among other things, the films will also be presented in several cities throughout the country. Hence, a screening of the films is scheduled for June 1 in the hall of the Municipality of Stip, at 10:00h. During the same day, the films will also be presented in Veles, in the premises of the House of NGOs – Focus Foundation, starting at 14:00h. The next day (June 2), another screening will be held in the Municipality of Negotino, (11:00h). The projections will be attended by students from 7th and 8th grade from the local schools, who will receive a copy of the created materials, and materials and a copy of the films will also be distributed to several local schools.

Projections have been announced to held in several other cities: Tetovo, June 6, 11:00 in Loja, Bitola, June 7, 11:30h, MKC, and Debar, June 8, 12:00, House of Culture.