Decoding Disinformation: Disinformation and Civil Society Regional Mapping Reports

Within the Digital Activism Program conducted by TechSoup and its partners in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) since 2018, a pivotal activity focusing on supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in being more resilient to disinformation has been underway. TechSoup and the partners believe that to bring about change, we must first diagnose the needs of […]



What can institutions do to improve the compliance of electronic public services with the Law on Personal Data Protection?

The public sector has an obligation to provide services to citizens in a way that best suits their real needs. One of the most effective steps toward achieving this goal is the digitization of public services. Adequate protection of human rights, including the right to privacy, should be one of the priorities in these processes. […]



Why is the digitization of public services important?

The daily use of digital tools in different areas of our lives is changing the way society works. The public sector is no exception to this trend, and here we share just a few of the benefits that the digitization of public services can bring:



Assessment of good governance in North Macedonia and the region through the Openness Index – Assembly and Executive branch of power – 2021 measurement

With support from USAID’s Civic Engagement Project and the National Endowment for Democracy, the Metamorphosis Foundation, in collaboration with partners from the regional network of CSOs – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in Southeast Europe (ACTION SEE), prepared an assessment of the state of good governance of the assemblies and executive branches of the […]



Openness Index for the Local Self-Government Units for 2022

The Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, within the framework of the USAID Project for Civic Engagement, assessed the state of good governance in the local self-government units (LGUs) in the Republic of North Macedonia for 2022. The assessment is the result of a conducted research based on the Openness Index. The 2022 survey found […]



What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and what does it offer

Probably many of us have come across the term VPN, but much less are those who know exactly what VPN means and what its features are. The following infographics explain what a VPN is what functionalities it offers and what we can expect from a good VPN network. Source: What is VPN? How It Works, […]



Tips for creating strong passwords

Passwords are the first line of defence against unauthorized access to our devices and data. The stronger our passwords, the more secure we are in the online space. Therefore, we need to create strong passwords for all the devices, websites and applications we use. This infographic offers tips that can help in creating passwords that […]



Tips for greater Internet security

Although for many of us, the use of the Internet is a routine that is practised on a daily basis, seldom enough attention is paid to the safe use of the Internet. Internet security, also known as cyber security or online security, means being protected from the risks and threats that exist in the online […]



Personal data and rights of personal data subjects

Do you know which data is considered personal data? Did you know that personal data only applies to individuals? The Law on Personal Data Protection guarantees more rights to individuals as personal data subjects. At this link: Your rights | Agency for Personal Data Protection ( you can read more information about the rights that […]



Assessment of the level of implementation of the Action Plan of the Transparency Strategy (2019-2021) in the period November 2019 – November 2021

As part of the USAID Civic Engagement Project, the Metamorphosis Foundation conducted an Assessment of the level of implementation of the Transparency Strategy Action Plan (2019-2021) in the period November 2019 – November 2021. The AP for the implementation of the Transparency Strategy covers a period of two years, consists of five chapters and in […]



What does Incognito search enable?

Incognito Mode is a feature of Google Chrome that allows you to automatically delete certain data about your Internet activity. In other browsers, this functionality can also be found under the name “private browsing mode”. Although it is called “incognito” or “private”, it is good to know that using this tool does not fully protect […]



Five central government institutions have opened their data

The Metamorphosis Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, conducted activities to provide support to five new state institutions for publishing open data. The support for opening the data sets of the central government institutions is realized within the USAID Civic Engagement Project, while the specific activity is implemented for the […]