The promotion was intended for managerial IT staff from the state institutions on a central level as part of a series of awareness raising events for decision makers and technical staff from various social sectors.

Angel Nakovski, a personal data protection inspector from the Directorate for Personal Data Protection provided a concise explanation on the legal framework and obligations of civil servants in this area.

IMG_0302Filip Stojanovski, program coordinator of the Metamorphosis Foundation presented the Guide containing explanations on creating a privacy policy by sharing international experiences in this area and templates that can be adapted to the needs of the e-publishers. He stressed that having a PP is not a legal obligation, but it is an important factor for e-service providers in obtaining the trust of their users, because it reflects the existence of a functional internal system for protection of citizens’ rights.

The ICT Guide No. 6 “How to make a privacy policy” is the result of the direct cooperation between the Metamorphosis Foundation and the Directorate for Personal Data Protection (DPDP), published in Macedonian and Albanian language within the framework of the project Online Privacy Initiative supported by the Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia. The Metamorphosis Foundation and the DPDP are distributing the guide free of charge in paper form at thematic events, trainings or directly delivering the guide to everyone interested. The guide is also available for download as an e-book published under a Creative Commons license.

IMG_0304The event was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration and USAID’s e-Gov project, as part of a two-part workshop, the second part of which was on the topic of designing quality public procurement contracts in the area of ICT. The representatives of these organizations presented information on the progress so far of the Project for e-documents and they also presented the draft version of the model contract for procurement and development of software applications, as well as the enforceability of the maintenance contract compared to the contract for level of the service delivered.

During the discussion about copyright transfer, the possibility for synergy with the National Free and Open Source Software Policy was also highlighted. The draft-version of this policy is prepared in an ongoing process of public discussion.

The event brought together 37 representatives from the following institutions: Ministry of Internal Affairs (2) Pension and Disability Insurance Fund (2), Customs Administration of Macedonia (2), Central Registry ( 2), Primary Court Skopje 2 (2), Agency for Real Estate Cadastre (3), Ministry of Finance (2), City of Skopje (1), Primary Court Skopje 1 (1), Ministry of Information Society and Administration (4) , Administrative Court (1), Bureau of Public Procurement (2), Health Insurance Fund (2), USAID (1), Public Revenue Office (2), the Employment Service Agency of the Republic of Macedonia (2).