The publication “The laws in Macedonia – adherence to the principles for personal data protection”was promoted at the 11th International Conference e-Society.Mk on the topic “Freedom and Privacy on the Internet” held on December 10, 2015.

This publication deals with the legal and institutional frameworks for privacy protection, i.e. it provides insight into how 35 laws in 12 areas adhere to the principles for personal data protection and how they are protecting citizens’ privacy. The publication includes a detailed legal analysis of the laws, as well as recommendations on the laws.

In addition, the publication also includes a guide for the citizens, about what they can do if they suspect that their personal data is misused, i.e. their privacy is compromised.

The project aims to raise citizens’ awareness about the importance of respecting privacy and the importance of personal data protection. The research identifies and analyzes the laws and bylaws that could jeopardize citizens’ privacy. Furthermore, the project outlined a number of shortcomings in the legislation regarding the protection of the subjects’ personal data, as well as specific recommendations for the separate laws, and recommendations by areas.

The website was created within the framework of the project, as a website where everyone interested can learn more about the research, download the analyzed laws and be informed about what to do if their personal data is misused.

The publication is available for download in Macedonian, English and Albanian.