The 4-day training covered the following subject areas:

  • Introduction to lobbying and advocacy through the use of new media
  • Writing on the web
  • Writing supported by arguments
  • Blogging, use of blog platforms, administration of blogs
  • Use and update of wiki sites
  • Use of social media for building communities and promoting content
  • Use of e-content aggregators

Five topical blogs were created as a result of the training.

Review of the created blogs

1. Language in the media – blog for inciting proper use of the Macedonian language in the media and in general.


2. Life for Life – blog about the re-establishment of euthanasia in the Republic of Macedonia.


3. Young activists – blog for encouraging young people to be active in various spheres of life in order to contribute for changes in society.


4. Our Zeitgeist – blog aiming at imposing new standards by providing information and commenting on the world trends and the method in which they are accepted by the world companies, as well as ideas for their application in Macedonia.


5. Technology – blog for promotion of new technologies.


logo_quadri_webThe next training is scheduled for April 27-30 and is intended for activists from Macedonia. This will be the last training cycle of this type. In the month of May, all participants from the previously held trainings will also participate in the workshops on Digital Storytelling that will be conducted as part of the activities planned within the framework of the project for Decentralized cooperation between the Lower Normandy region and Macedonia. This methodology of work and the techniques applied in the process are to be used for developing creative video content for support of their cause.