The seminar was a part of the continuous activities of the Project for decentralized cooperation between Republic of Macedonia and the region of Lower Normandy, France. The participants included representatives of the NGO sector and the local authorities from both countries.


Metamorphosis representatives Bardhyl Jashari and Filip Stojanovski conducted an interactive presentation on using ICT to improve youth participation on August 21. Alongside informing about the Macedonian context related to the development of information society in this area, they also shared the relevant experiences from Lower Normandy.

Within the same session, the representative of le Courrier de la Macédoine Elena Kostovska incited analysis of examples of media coverage of youth-related events through group discussions, while Antoaneta Ivanova from FEJS Macedonia presented the award-winning portal Mladi Info as concrete example of application that offers solutions to a number of youth issues.

More information about the seminar is available on the SEGA website.