logo_quadri_webThe last training was part of the activities conducted within the framework of the Project for decentralized cooperation between the Lower Normandy region and Macedonia.

Representatives of NGOs and individual activists attended the first training. The training was conducted in collaboration with the Youth Education Forum.

Aside from creating blogs at the training, participants were also encouraged to use social media too, through which they can inform and contact their readers. All participants, depending on their needs and opportunities, will continue to use the appropriate profiles on the social networks for promotion and propagation of their cause.

Presentation of the created blogs

Vegetarianism blog: This blog will aim to raise the awareness of society about the benefits of the vegetarian diet and to offer advice and recommendations.


Creative cities blog: This blog will focus on the contribution of art and creative industries in introducing innovations in cities and helping them become recognizable.


Youth in business blog: This blog will focus on changing the mental structure of young people, for starting their own business.


Blog for Capacity raising of Roma: This blog will focus on capacity raising of Roma people with informal education, in order to achieve positive change.


Metamorphosis Foundation invites all interested parties willing to contribute to these topics and engage in some of these blogs, to write to the contact persons: Elena Ignatova and Irina Shumadieva.

We will soon present the other blogs that will be created at the upcoming training, scheduled for April 13-16, 2010.