EDRi’s existence is at stake. In 2015, current funding ends. Today, we need your help to ensure that we don’t lose one of our digital rights advocates here in Brussels. One campaigner that does everything in their power to transform Europe into a free and open society, where your civil rights and freedoms are guaranteed.

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Where will your money go?

Compared to equivalent organisations in the USA (such as the EFF or the ACLU), EDRi is dramatically under-resourced. In addition, industry lobbyists in Brussels are influencing EU policy-making with vastly more resources. Your money will contribute to restore the balance. If you want to find out more or use different payment methods (bank transfer, flattr), you can check the donation FAQ here.

Your digital rights advocate will make sure that your rights and freedoms are respected in European proposals by:

  • closely monitoring the activities of the EU institutions
  • producing information material, like infographics, articles, guides and booklets
  • meeting with Parliamentarians and European Commission representatives.

EDRI intervened when Macedonian Government tried to enact censorship-promoting Law on Media, through public call and a letter to the Government. Prior to enacting the law, the relevant government minister requested and held a meeting with EDRI executive director. While initially that law included Internet publications, the final version adopted in February 2014 excludes online portals from the scope of its control.