On July 20, at the Leon hotel in Debar, the final conference from the Cyber Guardian Angels project took place, which was implemented by the Centre for Sustainable Community Development – Debar (CSCD) in partnership with Metamorphosis. konfdebar

The keynote speech was delivered by Shuip Marku from CSCD Debar, who also presented the project results and the future activities for its sustainability. Afterward, Dona Djambaska from Metamorphosis talked about past practices and measures in the fight against cyberbullying and presented the tools used by the civil sector. The representative of the Prevention Department in the Debar police station talked about the ways and procedure for reporting cyberbullying, whereas the legal regulative in cases that involve cyberbullying was presented by representative of the Basic court in Debar.

Moreover, this conference was also attended by representatives of schools from the Debar region (directors, expert services, professors) and other project participants.