4574722734_1639e9b7bd_mThe four-day training, same as the previous two trainings conducted in Skopje, covered a number of topics. At first the participants created and edited blogs on kauza.mk or joined some of the previously opened ones. In addition, they attended a training on critical review and argument writing conducted by representatives of the Youth Educational Forum in Skopje. The training enabled the participants to also get familiar with the opportunities offered by social media for advocacy and promotion, privacy and copyright on the internet, and with the practical ways of using multimedia on blogs.

These blogs were created during the training:

1. Protection of the rights of homosexuals – a blog with the purpose of reminding people that “Homosexuality is not an illness, but a sexual orientation.”


    Common digital sky – blog presenting the diaspora as the motor of Macedonian civil democracy and economic development

    3. Stop discrimination! – blog dedicated to the sharing of experiences about all kinds of discrimination occuring in our country and abroad

    4. Put an end – “Give a hand, not only a finger to the marginalized groups”

    5. In the labyrinth of art – blog mission: “getting people familiar with the alternative kinds of art, since art is the soul of life. More art means richer souls”.

    6. Stereotypes and prejudices – “Break the locks, open your mind!”


    Exotic Macedonia – blog for promotion of the cultural and natural heritage in Macedonia

    8. Interethnic coexistance – “Good relations, solidarity and mutual understanding between the ethnic groups”

    9. Journalism – “Journalism is a profession, not an improvization”

    10. Philanthropy – the purpose of the blog is to incite philanthropy as a way to solve problems in the community.


    Social inclusion of the elderly – blog’s mission: “Greater social integration and better quaility of living for old persons”.

    Metamorphosis Foundation invites everyone interested in joining the content creation for any of the blogs opened during these trainings, to contact the Metamorphosis project coordinators Irina Shumadieva and Elena Ignatova.

    The presentation „Introduction to online advocacy“, is available on Slideshare and the photographs from all the previously conducted trainings within the framework of the project can be viewed via the Metamorphosis Foundation’s Flickr profile.

    Basse_NormandieAt the end of May, the participants of all three trainings will be part of the Digital Storytelling workshops in Ohrid, that will be conducted within the framework of the Project for decentralized cooperation between the Lower Normandy region and Macedonia.