About Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is an organization based in Skopje, North Macedonia. With a commitment to fostering an inclusive, transparent, and accountable society, our foundation leverages the power of the internet and technology to drive positive social change. Since its establishment, Metamorphosis has been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at promoting good governance, civic engagement, defending human rights, and countering disinformation.

Background of the assignment

In 2017, Metamorphosis started investing in an-depth organisational development process which led to the elaboration of a 2018-2023 organisational strategy and to the roll-out of a new organisational structure. The strategy is accompanied by a results framework which outlines Metamorphosis vision of programmatic and internal success.
Metamorphosis’ strategic ambition is to: strengthen the awareness and capacity of citizens and civil society to assume their fullest possible role as activists for democracy, while supporting government to fulfil its democratic role in serving society. Metamorphosis pursues its impact through the following programs: i) Media for Democracy; ii) Social accountability; iii) Education for Innovation; iv) Human rights online. Throughout its work, Metamorphosis engages with diverse stakeholders and seeks to strengthen the democratic ecosystem. Key investments in this regard include Metamorphosis own media platforms and Metamorphosis role as a grant-maker.
The overall purpose of the evaluation is to assess organisational progress towards these strategic outcomes and gauge how far the organisational structure launched in 2019 has helped Metamorphosis fulfil those goals. The results of the evaluation will directly feed into Metamorphosis’ new strategy, which the organisation will develop in the first half of 2024.

More specifically, the evaluation is meant to enable Metamorphosis to:

  • Get an overview of what it has achieved in relation to the strategic and internal goals
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and key lessons learned that will be instrumental in developing the next strategy
  • Gain more insights about how its work is experienced and perceived by those the organisation aims to serve, particularly institutions and grantees
  • Refine its goals, program division, approach and methodologies based on the outcomes of the evaluation
  • Determine whether further amendments to its internal functioning are needed

Role and deliverables of the consultant

The primary objective of the consultant is to conduct an assessment and evaluation of the previous strategy (2018-2023) and to help Metamorphosis unpack the implications of the evaluation results for its next strategy. The consultant will work closely with the Foundation’s management, staff, and stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive evaluation approach.

1. Design a suitable methodology and prepare corresponding evaluation tools

At the start of the assignment, the consultant will be expected to:

  • Conduct a review of key documents (Metamorphosis strategy and organigramme, available project evaluations, key reports, etc.)
  • Have preliminary conversations with Metamorphosis leadership and middle management, including to refine scope of consultations and the list of evaluation questions (Metamorphosis has prepared a draft outlining areas of inquiry for the evaluation)


  • Inception report outlining: a) overview of evaluation questions b) updated methodology and work plan c) Draft evaluation tools (e.g. survey questions; list of interviewees and interview questions)

2. Conduct the evaluation based on targeted desk review and consultations/surveys

Once the workplan and evaluation tools are finalized based on Metamorphosis’ feedback, the consultant will:

  • Conduct surveys/interviews/focus groups with internal and external audiences. Metamorphosis is open to candidates’ methodological proposals in this respect but expects at least the following: the full staff (30 people) to be able to share their perspective; a sample of relevant stakeholders (donors, partners, grantees, other beneficiaries, experts, institutional counterparts) to be consulted.
  • To engage with key stakeholders to gather feedback on the implementation of the previous strategy, promoting a participatory evaluation process that captures diverse perspectives.
  • To identify gaps or areas where the previous strategy may not have fully aligned with the organization’s goals and the evolving digital rights landscape.
  • To generate evidence-based recommendations based on the evaluation findings, guiding the Foundation’s continuous improvement and informing the development of the next strategy


  • Anonymized raw data (survey results, interview transcripts etc.)
  • Thorough draft evaluation report which should consist of at least the following: a) outcomes from of the desk review and consultations/survey; b) Reponses to the evaluation questions based on i) the consultations and ii) on the consultant’s own analysis

3. Facilitate the identification of implications for the next strategy

Following the submission of the draft evaluation report, the consultant will be expected to conduct a collaborative workshop meant to help the Metamorphosis team:

  • Reach a shared understanding about the outcomes, achievements, and challenges of the Foundation’s previous strategy, distilling valuable lessons learned and best practices
  • Clarify any open questions regarding the findings of the evaluation
  • Crystallize a shared strategic vision deriving from the evaluation and delineate the main implications for the next strategy


  • Agenda(s) for and facilitation of the interactive session(s) with Metamorphosis

4. Finalisation

In the finalization phase, the consultant will be expected to provide a final report based on feedback received from Metamorphosis as well as recommendations related to the next strategy. Metamorphosis will then use these documents to continue by itself the work on the next strategy and land on a draft. Once a draft of the new strategy has been produced, Metamorphosis will share it with the consultant for feedback.


  • Final report which addresses Metamorphosis’ feedback and questions and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the previous strategy, including lessons learned
  • Actionable recommendations to Metamorphosis for the next strategy (deriving from the evaluation’s findings and from the interactive session(s)
  • Feedback to Metamorphosis on the draft of the new strategy

Timeframe and coordination

This assignment is expected to require approximately 20-25 consultancy days1 . The consultant will be expected to start the assignment in November and to provide a draft evaluation report no later than mid-February. The interactive session(s) with Metamorphosis are expected to take place soon afterwards while the final evaluation report and strategic recommendations should be shared within March. Metamorphosis expects to then work internally to produce a draft of the new strategy by June, at which point the consultant will be contacted for feedback.

The process is expected to start with discussions between the consultants and Metamorphosis management and staff to finalise the methodology and prepare surveys/interviews. After approval of the methodology and inception report, the consultant will receive logistical support from Metamorphosis in conducting the evaluation and organising session(s) with Metamorphosis team.

1 This is an estimate and applicants should feel free to edit it in their proposals.



  • In-depth professional experience in monitoring, evaluation, and learning
  • Demonstrated prior experience in conducting organizational or programmatic evaluations for CSOs as a consultant
  • Experience in organisational development of not-for-profit organisations
  • Excellent analytical, drafting and facilitation skills
  • Demonstrated experience with qualitative evaluation methods; including design of questionnaires/interviews
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills; fluency in English (written and spoken)
  • Familiarity with the political context of North Macedonia and with Metamorphosis’ themes


  • Experience with grant-making
  • Demonstrated experience with strategy development
  • Experience working with /supporting media and civil society organisations.
  • Good knowledge of the North Macedonia and Western Balkan context
  • Fluency in Macedonian, Albanian or BCMS is a plus

Application process

Applications should be sent to bardhyl@metamorphosis.org.mk until 15th October 2023. Applicants should submit the following:

  • CV (not exceeding 3 pages)
  • Expression of Interest letter, highlighting relevant experience and proposed workplan (if applying as a team of consultants, please clarify how you will divide the work)
  • Financial proposal for the assignment, showing working days and expected fee (as well as travel costs to Skopje for one face-to-face meeting with Metamorphosis)
  • Contact details of two references/previous clients on similar/relatable mandates

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.