“The number of people interested in participate in the marathon has surpassed our expectations. We have also finished the translation of the user interface faster than expected, so we continue to translate the Help file,” said Arangel Angov, Free Software Macedonia.

“The fact that students at the department for Macedonian language participated in the marathon speaks for itself about the high awareness and interest in professional development towards new technologies of the future proof readers,” said Nikolche Mickoski, Foundation Metamorphosis.

OpenOffice 2.0 user interface was completely translated on Saturday afternoon, and the volunteers continue to translate the Help file.
The next step will be proof reading conveyed by the professional proof-readers and computer experts and preparing booklet for the users that will make the use easier for people that do not speak English or do not know to work with computers.

After everything is completed the free software will be available for download on Metamorphosis and Free Source Software Macedonia web sites, and free CD will be published.

Foundation Metamorphosis announced support for other projects that will contribute in decrease of piracy, create content on local languages and that will allow inclusion of as many citizens as possible in using the advantages of the information technologies.