By familiarizing themselves with the promises and arguments from the explanations, citizens are being educated on how to read and interpret the election programs and platforms, and to measure and assess the extent of fulfillment of the promises.

At the moment, includes assessments of the promises made at the past elections by the parties that came to power and had a real opportunity to implement those promises. Vistinomer will continue its operation on a long term basis and will monitor the implementation of the pre-election promises of the winners in the 2011 elections (whoever they are), as well as the statements of politicians that can be classified as promises between elections.

The basic purpose of is to increase the knowledge of citizens, media, NGOs, and the knowledge of parties and party members by being familiarized with numerous aspects of the political process in Macedonia through

By launching Vistinomer and the web-application, the Metamorphosis Foundation continues the regional cooperation with citizens’ associations ‘Zašto ne’ from Bosnia and Herzegovina and LiNet from Serbia in applying new technologies for greater transparency, supported by the American non-profit foundation NED (National Endowment for Democracy), financed by the US Congress, as part of the efforts for democracy development in the region.