wiki-velesThe first marathon was held on April 25, 17.00 in the premises of the Focus Foundation in Veles. The marathon was attended by 12 local activists from Veles, including representatives from CD Radio, Focus Foundation, ED Vila Zora, JKP Derven and DMPM Veles. The marathon began with a short training on using the platform. Participants then followed the steps for posting, editing and updating text and photos, beginning to individually import the previously prepared texts and photographs from different fields, using the wiki tools. During this marathon, participants posted about 25 articles in the field of culture and history of Veles and the environment.

After the marathon in Veles, a Wiki-marathon took place in Debar, it was held on April 26, starting at 14.00h in the premises of the Center for sustainable community development Debar (Cultural Center). The marathon was attended by 16 participants, volunteers, teachers, students from the school ‘Said Najdeni’ from Debar, as well as representatives from the Center for sustainable community development of the Municipality of Debar. During the marathon, 10 articles in Albanian and Macedonian language were created. Participants updated the existing articles about the city of Debar with additional useful information.

The website aims to make up for the lack of information of local importance – in several municipalities in Macedonia. These events aim to promote the Wiki technology as a cheap and effective solution to these problems, by launching several wiki portals directly available to the local communities.

For now, three wiki portals are active for the municipalities of Skopje, Veles and Debar, but the contents that are part of are related to the Skopje, Vardar and Southwest regions, and to other municipalities across the country.

Two more wiki-marathons are to be held soon, the first of which shall be held on May 4, 14.00h in the Center for sustainable community development – Debar (Cultural Center) and the second on May 9, in the Focus Foundation in Veles, starting at 17:00h. These marathons will also be held in Skopje in late May and early June.