Photo image by Freepik One of the biggest challenges when we as queer activists try to raise public awareness and institutional will for our daily lives occurrences is to remain calm, reasonable and confident in the face of the massive spread of hate speech against us and our communities. In the past period, same as […]



Visualization: Gender – based Hate speech in online media in North Macedonia

“We should not aim for the security of cyberspace but for security in cyberspace.” Chapter 5, namely The rise of hate online: Hate speech in cyber space targeted at women in North Macedonia is based on a research conducted in North Macedonia aimed at identifying the gendered component of reported cases of online hate speech […]



Decoding Disinformation: Disinformation and Civil Society Regional Mapping Reports

Within the Digital Activism Program conducted by TechSoup and its partners in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) since 2018, a pivotal activity focusing on supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in being more resilient to disinformation has been underway. TechSoup and the partners believe that to bring about change, we must first diagnose the needs of […]



HIVE MIND: a platform for activists, creatives, and facilitators from around the world.

HIVE MIND: a platform for activists, creatives and facilitators from the whole world. The platform Hive Mind is a center for digital activism and here you can find activists, educators, moderators, journalists and CSOs from the most parts of the world. It can be used free of charge to attend to courses, workshops, tools and […]



Safer Internet for Everyone

The Internet is widely regarded as one of the greatest inventions in human history. It has revolutionized the way we communicate, connecting us to people from all over the world 24/7. It provides instant access to information, allowing us to stay informed about global events and deepening our understanding of the world. However, with these […]



What can we do to protect ourselves from cyber attacks?

In the second part of our series we saw the ways that our target – Yane – who, indeed, can be anyone of us, can be hacked and why such an attack would be successful. In this part, we will discuss the ways that you can make yourself a more difficult target, thereby decreasing the […]



How are the hacking attacks carried out?

In the first part of our series we met our target – Yane – who could be any one of us. We saw why Yane was a good target, even though he was just an average person. In this section, we will talk about the ways hackers will attack us. Many attack methods, but all […]



Why do we become targets in our digital sphere?

In the first part of our series on cybersecurity, we will cover the circumstances that make us a target of hacker attacks. In this text, the reader will be put in the place of the target and we will analyze why hackers would attack you, depending on their motive. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay […]



What constitutes personal data?

The Law on Personal Data Protection establishes the rights of citizens when processing their personal data in different, everyday situations. In order to understand our rights regarding the protection of our personal data, we first need to understand what constitutes personal data, i.e. what is considered personal data. In this text, we will explain which […]



Personal Data Protection Officer: first person of contact when exercising our rights under the Law on Personal Data Protection

Citizens have the right to contact the person who processes their personal data in cases of abuse, negligent use or use without the consent in various everyday situations. For these cases, as well as for the introduction, monitoring and updating of internal mechanisms for the protection of personal data among legal entities – processors of […]



Personal data protection in working relations

Employment and the rights and obligations arising from the employment relationship in the legislation of the Republic of North Macedonia are covered by several laws, such as the Law on Labor Relations, the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, the Law on Employment and Insurance in Case of Unemployment, the Law on Health Insurance, the […]



Artificial intelligence: A modern-day tool of the digital era for development of the societies and the civilization

Photo: Michael Dziedzic/Unsplash Since the invention of the computer, people have been fascinated by the idea that one day it can become smarter than humans. A conversation published on Internet several weeks ago has made people believe that this future may be closer than we thought. The transcript of the conversation between a human engineer […]