Safer Internet for Everyone

The Internet is widely regarded as one of the greatest inventions in human history. It has revolutionized the way we communicate, connecting us to people from all over the world 24/7. It provides instant access to information, allowing us to stay informed about global events and deepening our understanding of the world. However, with these […]



What constitutes personal data?

The Law on Personal Data Protection establishes the rights of citizens when processing their personal data in different, everyday situations. In order to understand our rights regarding the protection of our personal data, we first need to understand what constitutes personal data, i.e. what is considered personal data. In this text, we will explain which […]



Personal Data Protection Officer: first person of contact when exercising our rights under the Law on Personal Data Protection

Citizens have the right to contact the person who processes their personal data in cases of abuse, negligent use or use without the consent in various everyday situations. For these cases, as well as for the introduction, monitoring and updating of internal mechanisms for the protection of personal data among legal entities – processors of […]



Personal data protection in working relations

Employment and the rights and obligations arising from the employment relationship in the legislation of the Republic of North Macedonia are covered by several laws, such as the Law on Labor Relations, the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, the Law on Employment and Insurance in Case of Unemployment, the Law on Health Insurance, the […]



Artificial intelligence: A modern-day tool of the digital era for development of the societies and the civilization

Photo: Michael Dziedzic/Unsplash Since the invention of the computer, people have been fascinated by the idea that one day it can become smarter than humans. A conversation published on Internet several weeks ago has made people believe that this future may be closer than we thought. The transcript of the conversation between a human engineer […]



Be careful, we are filming you!

At the entrance of most business or official facilities (supermarkets, shops, offices, etc.), we can notice signs about the implementation of video surveillance, i.e. signs of the type “Watch out!” This facility is under video surveillance.” We can assume that these inscriptions are placed as a kind of threat to all potential violators of the […]



What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and what does it offer

Probably many of us have come across the term VPN, but much less are those who know exactly what VPN means and what its features are. The following infographics explain what a VPN is what functionalities it offers and what we can expect from a good VPN network. Source: What is VPN? How It Works, […]



Metamorphosis Foundation congratulates the International Human Rights Day

Seventy-three years ago today, on 10 December, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. From then until today Article 1 which reads “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” is the basis for the development of any democratic society. Climate change, the aftermath of the […]



Metamorphosis marks World Press Freedom Day, infodemia remains the biggest challenge

Today is celebrated the World Press Freedom Day – 3 May, which is being marked for 28 years in a row. The Metamorphosis Foundation congratulates this day to journalists, media workers, and all freedom of expression activists who are committed to full respect for human rights. Free and professional media play a key role in […]



IT’S A FACT! – a movement for raising public awareness to combat disinformation

The global phenomenon of spreading fake news is composed of various forms. Misinformation: unintentional mistakes such as using an inappropriate photo description, incorrect dates, statistics, inappropriate translations or satire that is taken seriously. Disinformation or fabricated news: manipulated audio and visual contents deliberately created to spread conspiracy theories or rumors. Malinformation: knowingly disclosing private information […]



Metamorphosis joins the movement “Reclaim Your Face” – a movement to limit Biometric Mass Surveillance of citizens

On the occasion of 28 January – Data Protection Day launched by the Council of Europe, the Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society announces its joining in the international movement “Reclaim Your Face”. “Reclaim Your Face” is a movement started by members of EDRi – European Digital Rights Initiative, in order to limit the use […]



World Press Freedom Day: The biggest threat is the disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic

“A free press is one where it’s ok to state the conclusion you’re led to by the evidence.” (Bill Moyers) Today is 3 May, World Press Freedom Day, which is being held for the 27th time, and every year the celebration of the day is accompanied by various challenges. This year we are dealing with […]

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