HIVE MIND: a platform for activists, creatives and facilitators from the whole world.

The platform Hive Mind is a center for digital activism and here you can find activists, educators, moderators, journalists and CSOs from the most parts of the world. It can be used free of charge to attend to courses, workshops, tools and like a virtual library.

From the simple information and blog posts based on news, to fully developed courses with knowledge testing, Hive Mind produces and publishes content to provide high-quality learning experiences with four main themes at its core:

  • Dealing with disinformations
  • Digital security
  • Creating positive narratives
  • Media Literacy Online

Who is it intended for?

Hive Mind platform is intended for a broad audience. It serves as a space where individuals can gain knowledge about protecting themselves from disinformation, establishing digital safety practices, and educating themselves on media literacy topics.

Which courses can you take on the Hive Mind Platform?

Here are some of the courses that you can take on the platform:

Building positive narratives

As part of the course, you will learn how does the stories and narratives makes disinformation popular and credible. You will learn how to challenge dangerous beliefs and attitudes and understand how to use the features of social media to share your positive narratives. By learning the basic elements of the story, you will learn how to reach to a specific audience and build a powerful story.

Digital Campaigning Basics

This course covers the fundamentals of digital campaigning—tools for mobilizing mass audiences in support of activist causes using digital channels. Based on real-life examples, participants will also cover the practical tools needed to create their own campaigns.

Dealing with disinformation

As part of this training you will learn to make a difference between different types of disinformations and avoid pitfalls such as echo chambers, polarization or propaganda. Expect from this, we will share with you the basic knowledge and tools to deal more effectively with disinformation.