Mapping of Gender in ICT Sphere in Macedonia

This mapping document of gender in IT sphere in Macedonia is developed within Metamorphosis’ project “Promoting, Shaping and Upholding Internet Freedoms”. Main objectives of the project are increasing the understanding of the current situation related to implementation of basic rights and freedoms on the internet in Macedonia, capacity building of NGOs and media, and facilitating sharing of knowledge and networking between the most relevant stakeholders, as basis for increased engagement of CSOs, media and citizens in shaping policies pertinent to internet freedoms.

The project aims to contribute to increased understanding and support for rights-based universal access policies and programmes among civil society, human rights, women’s rights and development practitioners by directly focusing on increasing multi-stakeholder networking, exchange of information and cooperation between the activists, experts, as well as public officials and civil servants in related areas.

For the most part practitioners in these areas pay little attention to the “online” aspect of the issues, even though increasing access to new technologies directly contributes to narrowing the gender gap and empowering of marginalized groups. Mainstreaming universal access issues within all human rights-related policymaking by raising awareness about the relevant aspects with clear implication in Macedonia as a model Western Balkans country will enable using the project results, as well as established best practices, to replicate the results across the region.

The analysis will take into consideration the already existing data and/or studies and will be a mapping document which will guide future strategic approach of Metamorphosis in Macedonia towards developing approaches for support of women’s participation in IT sphere. It will attempt to provide highlight into the current situation with gender issues and how ICT is used to promote gender equality and feminist issues as well as locate Metamorphosis’ potential role in this sphere in the future.