Civil Society and New Technologies in the SEE Region – Strengthening the Contextual Use of New Technologies in the Work of the Civil Society Sector



The project enables the creation of communication channels and opportunities for collaboration with other civil society organizations and other institutions, thus creating fertile ground for joint activities in future projects aimed at achieving common goals on a regional level.

General goal: Connecting initiatives of civil society organizations on a regional level by using new technologies and creating a base for exchange of information and collaborations.

Specific goal: Increasing the capacity of civil society organizations for the implementation of new technologies in achieving their goals in the areas of information, education and training.

Expected results:

  • Raised public awareness about the importance of applying the concepts of open educational resources, open access, free software and free licenses in order to contribute to the improvement of the legal and institutional frameworks
  • Increased capacities for creating local educational resources that are available online for free
  • Established methods of communication and cooperation between the civil society organizations on a regional level and improvement of their capacities for using new technologies in the process of implementation of their goals aimed at informing and educating.
  • Increased use of ICT in the formal and non-formal education process