(DIGILOC) Digital transformation at local level – Engaged community for corruption resilience



Eradicating corruption is essential for increasing trust in institutions, protecting democracy, promoting fairness and good governance. Citizens already recognize corruption as the biggest problem, and the corrupt pressure and victimization have increased significantly. Taking advantage of digital technologies can significantly improve transparency and reduce corruption.

Overall objective: Active engagement of the community for greater resilience to corruption at the local level.

Specific objectives:

  • Promoting the openness of municipalities through improved cooperation between CSOs and citizens with local authorities.
  • Active involvement of citizens in decision-making processes through innovative digital tools.

Target groups:

  • Local self-government
  • Citizens and civil society organisations


  • Increased civic participation and strengthened civic society in the direction of improving the policy-making and decision-making process.
  • Increased civic engagement and trust in civil society through informed and active CSO constituents involved in joint civic initiatives.

Project activities:

A1. Increasing the institutional openness at the local level for greater engagement of CSOs and citizens

  • A1.1. Monitoring the openness of local authorities through the Openness Index
  • A1.2 Creation of a self-evaluation list for municipalities to measure their openness
  • A1.3 Mentoring support for strengthening the capacities of municipalities
  • A1.4 Improvement of public consultations through the adoption of an annual calendar for planned public consultations and regular publication of reports after the public consultations

A2. Increasing the participation of citizens and civil society organizations in the consultative processes of municipalities when making decisions, through the use of innovative digital tools

  • A2.1 Upgrade of the digital tool mCommunity and training of the local administration for its use
  • A2.2. Promoting mCommunity in the context of public consultations at the local level

Period for realisation: 01.12.2023 – 30.09.2026 (34 months)

Budget framework: 14.000.000 denars

Financial support: The project “Digital transformation at local level – Engaged community for corruption resilience (DIGILOC)” is supported by the Swiss Government through Civica mobilitas.