Digital Activism Program



What is the Digital Activism Program?

Around the world, the spread of misinformation is increasing. The strategic use of online disinformation undermines democracy and polarizes societies.

While methods for combating disinformation are currently trending in the media, existing tactics primarily target fact-checkers and journalists, leaving civil society to fend for itself.

Since 2018, TechSoup Network’s Digital Activism Program aims to provide multifaceted support to civil society organizations (CSOs) and their staff in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Latin America, and West Africa. In countering disinformation, the program seeks to enhance their understanding of issues related to direct threats of disinformation through research, strengthen their capacity to deal with disinformation, and enhance their knowledge and networking within a nonprofit network.

We believe that progress cannot be achieved without access to technology. Through the Digital Activism Program activities, civil society organizations are granted access to training sessions and workshops, individual consultations, community events, small grants, and technology solutions or tools to assist them in designing effective campaigns to combat disinformation.

The project is supported by and led by TechSoup, in close collaboration with TechSoup Network partners.