Investigative story: Who ties the hands of the journalists and how they can be untied – Detention?



This projects aims to contribute to the increase of media literacy via public education of citizens on what investigative journalism is with analysis of specific examples in video format. Also, the project will generate contents that will cover the challenges of investigative journalists by presenting the current situation with investigative journalism, why it has become such and how it can be bettered.

Primary target group: Citizens of RM, viewers and readers of included media and the general public we reach through social media.

Secondary target group: Closed institutions and their spokesmen, that are indirectly influenced, through pointing out to the non-democratic practices and spurring public debate on their duties and responsibilities.

In the long run, this project will contribute toward:
– Greater openness of sources, especially institutions and whistleblowers
– Amendments of legal frameworks that have effect on the investigative journalism.

The project is financed by the European Union and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Skopje, through the Center for Change Management.