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Invitation to the final conference ACTION SEE Visegrad: Road to Good Governance

Guest speakers at the conference will be H.E. Christine Althauser, PhD, Ambassador of Germany in Macedonia, H.E. Mr. Jacek Multanowski - Ambassador of Poland in Macedonia, representatives of the project partners from the Visegrad group: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, as well as representatives of the partner organizations from the Balkan countries: Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina


122 CSOs sought support from the citizens, institutions and the government

In today’s press conference, 122 CSOs led by the motto “We must protect the civil society in Macedonia” sought support from the citizens, institutions as well as the current and future government because of the recent attacks on the civil society.   Dear Sir/Madam, We, the below signed civil society organization from throughout Macedonia, address the public in these difficult times when freedom of the citizen and civil society are under threat, in order to protect the public and the citizens’ interest. With this address, we want to remind to the need of protection, preservation ...


“SOS” and its order-givers cannot silence the free-minded civil society

We, the civil society organizations that are target of constant orchestrated attacks of the former government and its servants, once again request public apology and withdrawal of all lies, defamations and misinformation regarding our work which were told by the so called civil initiative “SOS”. If not, we will be forced to seek justice in court i.e. we will file lawsuits for insult and defamation. This isn’t just an orchestrated foray against George Soros and his Foundation, yet it represents a foray against the open society, against the independent and unbowed civil voice. In other ...


Disproof of the lies told by SOS about Metamorphosis Foundation

Metamorphosis’ assets have never been and will never be used for activities of any political party. These constructions and manipulations aim to defocus the public from the real problems and to debase the reputation of Metamorphosis and the entire nongovernmental sector that is not under the control of the ruling party.