Discussion on social media with well-known US journalists took place

The publishing speed is social media’s flaw, because the journalists are not always sure of what they publish, said John Cochran, a retired network television correspondent


Event announcement: Can the social media influence the US elections?

This event will begin with short presentation by the multiple award-winning journalists from the USA, Barbara and John Cochran, which will be followed by a discussion with the participants and active social media users from Macedonia


Guerrilla action against the mass wiretapping as a part of the Freedom Not Fear movement

As a part of the action, a van with huge satellite antenna, symbolizing the so called “foreign intelligence services” and that had Freedom Not Fear written on it, visited the buildings of the Special Prosecution Office, the Macedonian Radio Television, SDSM and the State Election Commission as well as the buildings of several ministries


Discussion and workshop on good governance took place

The conclusion is that there are plenty of instruments and mechanisms with which the citizens and CSOs can participate in and can contribute towards good governance, but they are not using them because they do not know that these tools actually exist, and also they are not given enough time to use them