On 06 july 2023, a part of working group for crating the new Strategy for transparency with action plan (2023-2026), had a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister in charge of policies for good governance Slavica Grkovska.

At the meeting, the draft version of the Strategy for Transparency was discussed, the purpose of which is to introduce new measures with the aim of building a culture of transparency of the institutions, but also increasing the trust of the citizens towards the institutions. The new strategy gives priority to strengthening active transparency, free access to information, fiscal transparency and open data, as well as transparency in the adoption of acts and decisions and in the development of processes in the institutions themselves.

In the coming month, the strategy proposal will be available to the public through ENER, and in September it is planned to organize two public hearings in order to build a common and efficient approach to fulfill the vision of institutions that are fully open and accountable to the citizens.

Photos are taken from Facebook profile of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of policies for good governance, Slavica Grkovska.

The activities are part of the project “Transparency and accountability of state institutions in RNM” implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation with financial support from the Open Society Foundation-Macedonia.