Metamorphosis Foundation is actively working to improve the transparency and accountability of institutions at the central and local level and as part of the “Transparency and Accountability of State Institutions in RNM” project, carries out activities to advance the openness of institutions through research, development capacities and development of means.

Metamorphosis Foundation participated in the working group and provided technical support for the preparation of the draft of the new Transparency Strategy and for the seventh year in a row monitors the openness of institutions through the Openness Index. The Openness Index is a composite set of indicators that measure the performance of the executive power in the field of good governance with a focus on four pillars: accessibility, awareness, integrity and transparency, with a horizontal theme – open data.

On November 24, at the premises of the Public Room, Metamorphosis Foundation held the first of two one-day advanced trainings for civil servants, which promote the principles of the Openness Index.

The purpose of the training was to prepare state employees with tools and methods that serve to improve the openness of their respective institutions.