The working group for the preparation of the Strategy for Transparency held a two-day working meeting on June 7 and 8 2023. The purpose of the meeting held in Skopje was to review the priorities defined in the proposed draft plan of the Strategy for Transparency and prepare a draft – Action plan for the implementation of the Strategy. Fifteen representatives of the civil sector and state institutions reviewed and proposed activities and measures aimed at increasing transparency and establishing open and comprehensible processes between citizens and institutions.

The Metamorphosis Foundation actively cooperates with the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for good governance policies, and in the process of preparing the Transparency Strategy provides expert and financial assistance.

The Government’s new Transparency Strategy with Action Plan (2023-2026) aims to provide new guidelines and principles for improving the transparency of institutions, continuing the positive practices of cooperation and active transparency defined by the previous strategy.

The activities are part of the “Transparency and Accountability of State Institutions in RMV” project, which is implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation with financial support from the Open Society Foundation – Macedonia.