Maraton2006Translation marathon for translation of the OpenOffice Help into Macedonian ended on July 2nd. The Marathon took place in the Metamorphosis Foundation premises. The Marathon was organised by the Metamorphosis Foundation and Free Software Macedonia and was follow up of the Translation marathon that was held on September 16-18, 2005 when graphical user interface was translated.

During the Marathon ten teams of volunteers consisted of translators and IT experts translated over 5.000 strings of the OpenOffice help. Currently, almost 40% of the OpenOffice help are translated into Macedonian. Translation of the help, one of the few in the world, will provide opportunity for the citizens that do not understand English to use to use the advantages that modern computer technologies provide. The software can be downloaded from or to get the package with CD-based tutorial.

OpenOffice is the latest edition of the free and high-quality office software that enables: writing and formatting text, spreadsheets, drawing, creating databases and presentations. OpenOffice supports all document formats for office applications, while its native format is in the final phase of being adopted as ISO standard.