Metamorphosis is inviting the interested candidates from Macedonia to apply with their mobile phone apps which can be nominated for the 2016 World Summit Award for Mobile Apps.

The national selections for the 2016 World Summit Award for Mobile Apps which select and promote the world’s best mobile content and innovative apps are currently underway. This edition is based on the expertise, mechanisms and networks of WSA which takes place every two years.

The candidates can apply in the following categories:

  • Government and Citizen Engagement services | open data | democratic participation
  • Health and Well Being medical care | sport | lifestyle
  • Learning and Education knowledge | science | skills
  • Environment and Green Energy climate | sustainable resources | agriculture
  • Culture and Tourism heritage | entertainment | subcultures
  • Smart Settlements and Urbanization mobility | productive work | sustainable living
  • Business and Commerce innovative services | security | finances | marketing
  • Inclusion and Empowerment diversity | gender | justice | human rights

Click here to read more about the categories.

The registered apps will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Quality and content exhaustiveness
  2. Usage on small screen: navigation and orientation
  3. Design quality: esthetic value of graphics, music and sounds
  4. Range of functionalities
  5. Technical qualities: performance, workmanship, stability

In addition, these apps should be strategically important for the development of the quality IT society while being financially affordable for the target groups.

Also, while applying, the candidates should briefly describe the app, to send pictures from the app whilst running as well as to give information on the way of downloading it and the platform they are made for.

We invite all enthusiasts that want to take part in the 2016 World Summit Award for Mobile Apps to send the required content and information to

The application deadline is 15 September 2016.