We are looking for a journalist with plenty of enthusiasm and persistence who, through his/her work, wants to give a fresh perspective of the events and developments in Macedonia as well as experiment with new ways of presenting content online.

Experience in journalism would be an asset, but it’s not a decisive factor. More important is finding new and innovative ways for processing and presenting topics, wanting to learn data journalism and data visualizations and using new ways of engaging the audience.

The journalist will join the newsroom of Meta.mk News Agency and sign a fixed term contract, which can be extended.

Candidates should send their CV and cover letter at konkurs@meta.mk not later than 15 March 2019.


Metamorphosis Foundation believes that by emphasizing our commitment to gender equality, we will maximize project effectiveness, strengthen our organization, enhance programme resources, improve coordination with internal and external partners. In Metamorphosis, we commit to fully comply with national gender-related and labour laws and policies, promote gender equality in access to opportunities for training, education, participation in decision making and ensure that the contributions of both women and men are visible and valued.